Monday, June 1, 2009

Thank You Cards

thank you 

The biggest complaint that wedding guests have is that they did not receive a thank you card for their gift.  We all love to receive gifts and weddings are a perfect occasion for gift giving.   Your guests would like for you to acknowledge their gifts.

Approach your thank you cards with as much thought and organization as you did with the rest of your wedding planning.

For pre wedding events (engagement parties, bridal showers) thank you cards should be sent 2-3 weeks after the event.

Many brides think they have up to a year to send out thank you cards after the wedding.  This is incorrect.  Thank you cards should be sent no later than 2 months after the wedding, 3 months at the latest.  If for some reason you are waiting on the proofs from your photographer then the thank you cards should be sent no later than 3 -4 months.

If you receive gifts after the wedding, follow up immediately and send cards within 3 weeks of receiving the gift.

Remember thank you cards should be handwritten and a separate card must be sent for each gift.  I know that sending out cards for each event can be overwhelming but organization is the key.  Microsoft Office has several gift tracker templates to help you keep organized.  Click here to get your wedding gift tracker.