Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amy Atlas Dessert Table

I am a huge fan of Amy Atlas so I am always checking her website and blog to see her latest creation.  Yesterday, I found Amy’s “Poolside Dessert Table in the Hamptons.”  

amy atlas hamptons

Amy designed the dessert table for a birthday party for her client’s son, Scott and sister, Ellen.  The color scheme was green apple and taupe.  According to Amy “the apple green and taupe color scheme was inspired by the linens and placemats that the client was using for her dinner table. For all of Scott's details on the dessert table, the main color was taupe. For all of Ellen's details, the main color was apple green.”

amy atlas hamptons2

amy atlas hamptons3

amy atlas hamptons4

amy atlas hamptons 5

amy atlas hamptons6

amy atlas hamptons7

This color scheme could also be used for a wedding.  Check out Amy’s website and blog for more of her dessert table designs.