Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bedazzle My Bonbon


bedazzle single bonbon

One bonbon as a cute favor

bedazzle 6pc

6 piece bonbon favor box

bedazzle2 Dazzle Pops

bedazzle                                       Color Chart


Bedazzle My Bonbons has combined chocolate and glitter to make a fantastic favor.  The glitter is made of  sanding sugar and cake colorings.   The bonbons are made from a custom blend of Swiss and Belgium chocolate and hand dipped in edible dust of glitter and cocoa powder.  The outer shell looks like a foil wrapper but its actually edible.  The bonbons are packaged in boxes with hand applied Swarovski Crystals around the corners and come in 124 colors which include absolutely amethyst, flirtatious fuchsia, sensational sapphire, awesome aqua, outrageous orange, precious pink, radiant red,  magnificent magenta, mesmerizing merigold, bewitching black and radiant red harlequin.

If you have children at your event or giving a children’s party give away the Dazzle Pops.  Dazzle Pops are hard candy lollipops that sparkle.  The pops come in tutti frutti flavor.